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The most innovative and thorough method for detecting cancer

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Early detection saves lives

Cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide, and takes the lives of millions each year. In Sweden about 100.000 people get diagnosed with cancer each year, and for many it is detected at a very late stage. Early detection and diagnosis of cancer allows you to start treatment earlier and improve the prognosis, and may even save your life. A PET/CT scan is the leading method for diagnosing cancer as there are no other competing methods with the same level of precision. 

Förbättrad diagnostik med AMRA® Profiler

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Diagnostics with PET/CT

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PET/CT scan machine

AMRA® Profiler är ett verktyg som ger stöd vid diagnos och övervakning av metabola och muskel-relaterade sjukdomar. AMRA omvandlar 3D MR bilder från en snabb helkropps-scan till kvantitativa fett- och muskelvärden. 

AMRA® Profiler avger ingen joniserande strålning, och ger exceptionell mätnoggranhet och precision vid mätning av individens fett och muskler, samt fett-fördelning och metabol status. Med detta verktyg kan vi se högt visceralfett och dålig fett-fördelning och däri upptäcka ökad risk för typ II Diabetes och hjärt- kärlsjukdomar. 

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Cancer diagnostics with SMC

Early Detection Saves Lives

By detecting disease early, even before symptoms start to show, you increase your chances of successful treatment greatly. This can mean the difference between a good and bad prognosis, and maybe even life or death.

Take Control of Your Health

Ease your health concerns and take control by getting a detailed look into your inner health that detects even the smallest trace of cancer. If you have started showing symptoms you need to be examined and diagnosed quickly. Do not let your health suffer due to the healthcare system's long waiting times. 

PET/CT Scan machine in Riga

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Advanced Technology & Competency

We only use the latest generation of PET/CT scanners, and F-PSMA, the most precise marker for detecting prostate cancer. Our staff is very experienced and has expertise within PET/CT scanning and oncological diseases.


Cross-border healthcare service

A PET/CT exam is suitable for everyone, regardless of age and gender, and whether they have a doctor's referral or not. Many people live with an increased risk of cancer, either from their living habits or from a certain type of cancer that is common in their family. Others have started to show symptoms and are waiting in the healthcare system's long lines for an exam. Whatever the reason may be, we can help ease your stress with a detailed PET/CT exam that will give you answers to any questions you may have regarding your health. 

Price without referral: 29.000 - 34.000 SEK 

(depending on area)


Contact Us and Book Today: 

* Statistics from Swedish Cancer Foundation and World Health Organization (WHO). 

PET/CT detects:

- Prostate cancer

- Breast cancer

- Lung cancer

- Pancreatic cancer

- Kidney cancer

- Cervical, utero & ovarian cancer

- Lymphomas

- Gastric cancer

- Bladder cancer

- Testicle cancer

- Other undefined location

How the PET/CT exam is conducted:

PET/CT diagnostics can: 

- Diagnose cancer (even before symptoms)

- Define stage of cancer 

- Evaluate response to current treatment

- Detect cancer recurrence

- Follow up dynamics and monitor

- Help with planning of surgery

- Help with planning of radiation treatment

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- SMC verifies that all necessary documents are prepared.

- SMC makes an appointment for the health exam, with regard to your schedule and ability to travel to Riga.

- You will receive detailed instructions on how to prepare for your specific health exam.

- You arrive to Riga the day/night before your appointment.

- Your personal SMC assistant meets up with you at your arrival and will take you to your hotel.

- The next morning your SMC assistant picks you up and drives you to the clinic.

- The health exam takes about 3-4 hours, and your SMC assistant will be at your disposal for the entire clinic visit.

- You can return home the same day, and your SMC assistant will take you to the airport or ferry terminal.

- If you have a doctor's referral we will send them your results within 5 days. If you do not have a referral you will be contacted by one of our doctors who will go through your results with you within 10 days.

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For those with doctor's referral: reimbursement of costs from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency

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We take care of all administrative tasks and all communication with the Swedish Social Insurance Office on your behalf. 

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